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February Newl


The real estate market in Calgary remains slow but resilient.  Buyers and Sellers are a bit stubborn when it comes to negotiations.  Sellers are starting to realize that if a reasonable offer is presented to them, they should consider it very seriously as the next time an offer comes along could be a long time. 

Surprisingly, prices are holding from one year ago with only a -3% change in the Medium average price.  Sales are down about 12% from one year ago.  The good news is Alberta’s unemployment rate remains at the same rate as the national level of about 7%.   I believe the Alberta economy may be stronger than it is perceived to be.  The strength is coming from our strong spirit and propensity to take a bad thing and turn it into a new opportunity for growth. 

I wanted to mention that in these slow times, there are some humorous things that Realtors may do to help in the sale of a home.  If you are a practicing Catholic there are assigned Saints to pray to that help you in selling a home.  The instructions are something like; place the miniature statue in the ground up side down facing the front door of the home and then read out a prescribed prayer.  This is supposed to increase the possibility of a showing and an offer for the Seller.  Some Realtor’s say this has worked for them. 

The other humorous thing that some have tried to help sell a home is to hire a Shaman or spiritual person who does a ritual that rids the home of bad Karma and spirits with a cleansing ritual.  It is to get the bad spirits out of the property.  If any of these things work, then hallelujah! 

This week I sold a duplex in the North West.  It has taken about a year of being on and off the market.  We recently put it back on the market and we received an unconditional offer at a fair market price within the first week of being on the market. At first I didn’t believe it, then I realized that consumers are buying for the long term in good locations.  This is a good rule to follow.  Real Estate can still be a good, long term investment. 

If you know of anyone who is thinking of buying or selling, I would appreciate you passing my name onto them.  Also my webpage at has daily updates on house prices in the Calgary market.  There is also a directory of services and professionals to help you in all your home needs. 


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