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November 2015 newsletter


All the leaves are gone by now.  This is the beginning of fall and the real estate market plows along.  Sales are down around 33% since a year ago so Realtors are having to pull out their “magic bag” with new marketing tricks. Then we have to work on getting our seller’s homes SOLD!   The most important thing is to put customers in the REAL WORLD and not the HOPE WORLD. 

Go long!  This is a mantra, a well meaning saying when thinking of real estate today.  There are some GREAT homes for sale if you get me to work for you.  If the people selling have bought their homes years ago, there is still a profit to be made.  If you bought only a year ago, then it may be best to get rid of debt ASAP.  

The inventory is still good, but there are only selective homes that are good in price, condition, location and staged for maximum exposure.  So this is actually the best time to buy.  To repeat what Warren Buffett says: When you sell when people are greedy and you buy when people are scared.....GO LONG!! 

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has stated in it’s Housing Market Assessment report that many housing markets are showing troubling signs in four criteria:  Overheated home sales; too many homes being built; prices increasing too quickly; high prices.  They specifically named the cities of Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto.  Fortunately, Calgary was not on their list. 

If you know of anyone who is thinking of buying or selling, I would appreciate you passing my name onto them.  Also my webpage at has daily updates on house prices in the Calgary market.  There is also a directory of services and professionals to help you in all your home needs. 

Money for Referrals - did you know that you are able to refer buyers and sellers to me and be compensated for your effort?  If you send me a referral and a sale is completed, as soon as possession has happened my company will write you a cheque for up to $500.  If you refer a name and phone number for me to call, we can begin the process right away. Thank you for all the referrals!  Have a great month. 



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